Working together to help the animals of Okanogan County and surrounding areas


OK-SNIP incorporated as a nonprofit under the name of The Abandoned Cat Team (ACT) in 2002.  ACT was an all volunteer Trap/Neuter/Return organization helping the community cats of the Methow Valley.  We realized early on that to solve the over population of community cats and dogs and unwanted tame cats and dogs there had to be a comprehensive spay, neuter and adoption program in Okanogan County.  Our new mission became to significantly reduce the unwanted overpopulation of cats and dogs in Okanogan through an aggressive spay and neuter project.

  In 2004, ACT began collaborating with Animal Foster Care Cat Shelter (AFC) in Okanogan.  AFC had been a nonprofit all volunteer organization since 1984 helping unwanted dogs.  Over the years AFC raised the funds to build a shelter in 2001 at 4 Spring Coulee Road in Okanogan.  AFC began taking in cats as well as dogs.  In 2004, Howling Ridge Rescue acquired nonprofit status began helping with dogs.  In 2006 Howling Ridge closed their doors due to lack of cooperation from the cities and towns in Okanogan County funds and volunteers.  At this time AFC could no longer receive dogs for the same reasons given by Howling Ridge.  ACT has continued to work with AFC to date to spay and neuter prior to adoption, re-home tame cat, tame community kittens and rescue stray and unwanted cats.

During all past years we contracted with the full service vet clinics in the County to spay & neuter our animals.  After years of planning, in 2009, ACT & AFC collaborated to open a high volume, high quality spay and neuter clinic in Okanogan under the new name of Okanogan Regional Spay & Neuter Project (OK-SNIP).  The reasons were two fold, the large numbers of appointments needed from the full service vets were unavailable and their fees weren’t cost effective.  The only way to solve the overpopulation problem is to spay & neuter large numbers of animals in a short period of time.   

In September of 2014, OK-SNIP began working with OKANDOGS Adoption Coordinators. In August of 2016, OKANDOGS and OK-SNIP joined forces and formed a new organization operating under the name of Okanogan Regional Spay & Neuter Project (OK-SNIP) & OKANDOGS Adoption Coordinators, a Division of OK-SNIP.      

The following chart shows our progress and failures from 2009 to 2018:


We were closed in 2012 due to lack of funds

The large number of animals fixed in 2013 was because we were fully staffed for 62 days of surgery clinics.

In 2014, we had to close our clinic due to lack of funds and return to contracting with full service vet clinics.

  • 2009         804 animals

  • 2010         793 animals

  • 2011         673 animals

  • 2012         40 animals

  • 2013       1,056 animals

  • 2014         765 animals

  • 2015         417 animals

  • 2016         462 animals

  • 2017         388 animals

  • 2018         402 animals


Our office is currently located in one end of a construction shack on AFC property at 4 Spring Coulee Road in Okanogan which we share with a large number of tamed adoptable feral cats.  We have one part time employee who schedules appointments with participating full service vet clinics.

  Our immediate goal is to raise enough funds to reopen our high volume/high quality Spay & Neuter Clinic. Check out our Volunteer and Ways To Help pages to see how you can get involved!

OK-SNIP and OKANDOGS are an IRS 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization with the tax ID number 01-0555614

You can find our current cats available for adoption on


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OKANDOGS Adoption Coordinators operates as an independent arm of OK-SNIP with our own Facebook page, budget, and donation opportunities. We focus our efforts on trying to help the dogs of the region and have been in operation for just over 4 years. During that time, we’ve helped over 2,688 dogs- of which, about 67% are puppies. The Mom's and Dad’s Last Litter program continues to be an important element in the effort to help slow the growth of the dog population. Under that program, Mama and Papa dogs are spayed for free by OK-SNIP when OKANDOGS is entrusted with their litter of pups. A second program we use is Danny's Fund- a free spay and neuter program for Pit Bulls and Pit Mixes.

This is not done to discriminate against Pitties, rather, it is recognition of how hard they are to re-home as well as to stifle attempts to provide inventory for fighting dogs.

Dollars donated to the Vet Emergency Fund helps provide quality care for stray dogs, as well as pets from qualifying low-income families. This fund helps cover costs of emergency situations like parvo, gunshot wounds, dislocated hips, porcupine quills, broken legs, and more. In the vast majority of cases, it’s a life or death decision when a Vet, Animal Control Agency, or caring person asks OKANDOGS for help. Dogs in the Okanogan region have almost nothing going for them and it is OKANDOGS’ mission to find those in need, retrieve them, fix them, and transport them to facilities that have the funds and means to find them good homes. The process of rescuing these dogs, providing vet care, and transportation isn’t cheap and currently we are only able to help local dogs who are often in dire need. We rely on the good will of donors to allow us to carry on our work, there are no paid staff and very few volunteers, so all donated funds go directly to helping the dogs.


For more information, you can reach Tom at 509-670-4937 or Jan at 509-670-1909

You can also find our current dogs available for adoption on or visit them by appointment only in Cashmere.

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2018 Statistics:

  • $42,300 of donated funds went to vet care

  • over $3,000 was spent on medicine and vaccines

  • Vehicle costs amounted to $9,608- $7,968 of which was fuel

  • Over 39,000 miles driven to respond to needs

  • Over 2,688 animals saved since 2014