Okanogan Regional Spay and Neuter Project (OK-SNIP) &

OKANDOGS Adoption Coordinators,

A Division of OK-SNIP


Until Every Cat And Dog Has A Home…


Our vision is to make Okanogan County and surrounding areas a place where every cat and dog has a home. Our mission is to provide services and create partnerships to make that vision a reality.


From 2009-2018 OK-SNIP has funded the spay and neuter of 5,857 animals

From October 15th 2014-2018 OKANDOGS has helped 2,688 animals

Still there are thousands of unwanted cats and dogs in Okanogan and adjacent towns that need help, but there is no comprehensive plan for animal care and control, and little hope that any will be offered in the future. 90% of our funding comes from your amazing donations.

Whiskers and Wishes Auction

Save the date to attend Whiskers & Wishes Garden Party for the animals dinner and auction at the Winthrop Barn on Saturday April 27th, 2019.

Check out our events page for exciting details and to buy tickets!