Our Vision, Mission & Beliefs


Our vision is to make Okanogan County and surrounding areas a place where every cat and dog has a home. Our mission is to provide services and create partnerships to make that vision a reality!

We provide affordable spay and neuter services for:

  •  The cats and dogs of low income families

  • Community cats (cats who are not socialized and can’t be handled)

  • Animal Foster Care Shelter Cats

  • OKANDOGS Adoption Coordinators

Most of the services we provide are free/low cost to encourage residents to participate. To significantly reduce the overpopulation of unwanted cats and dogs inhabiting our area we:  

  • Transfer out as many animals as possible for adoption to high-quality no-kill partner rescues

  • Spay or neuter all animals we help, either at participating vet clinics here, or by the organizations receiving our animals

  • Raise and reserve funds for extended and emergency vet care

In order to achieve our goals, we believe that:

  • Cats and dogs in foster care must be sterilized prior to adoption

  • Spay and Neuter is the key to reducing the overpopulation of cats and dogs

  • Informing communities about the cause of the problem, and the solution, will bring an end to animal homelessness

  • The Spay and Neuter of Community Cats must be free to encourage people to take advantage of sterilization services

  • Spay and Neuter services must be affordable for the pets of low-income families and individuals to prevent unwanted litters

  • Offering free spay and neuter for the animals of people seeking to relinquish them to a shelter can often convince the caretakers to keep them, making more room for the animals with no other option

  • Euthanizing cats and dogs to make room in a shelter for new animals is avoidable and not an ethical practice

  • Only in extreme cases, when there is no hope of a quality life, should the animal be euthanized

  • Cats and dogs with treatable illnesses or diseases should live out their lives in foster care where they can receive proper treatment or palliative care until they are adopted

  • Early spay and neuter is the best practice. Kittens can be altered at 8 weeks of age if they weigh two pounds, but definitely need to be fixed by 4 months. Puppies should be altered between 6 to 12 months of age depending on their breed and size.