Animal Foster Care Cat Shelter



Provide a safe haven for unwanted cats in Okanogan County until they can be adopted into good homes that will continue to meet each cat’s basic physical and emotional needs.

What is AFC?

AFC is an all-volunteer shelter for cats that incorporated in 1984 to help stray and unwanted animals. After 3 years of fundraising, AFC members raised the money to build a shelter that opened it's doors in 2001. The shelter is located at 4 Spring Coulee Road in Okanogan. AFC receives no assistance from city or county governments. The four things that keep our doors open are:

  • Rent collected from a house donated by Marjorie Harper in 2003

  • Adoption fees

  • Spay/neuter costs are covered by OK-SNIP

  • Donations from individuals

In 2006, AFC had to give up the care of dogs due to the shortage of volunteers and funds. The shelter houses only cats now. Cats are available for adoption on Saturdays between 10am and 2pm. The adoption fee is $50 and includes spay or neuter, vaccines and parasite treatment. To relinquish a cat, we ask a $20 per animal fee to help with costs, but it is not mandatory.

AFC is a no kill shelter

Only in extreme cases, where a cat has no hope of any quality of life, is he or she euthanized. Cats having treatable illnesses or diseases live out their lives at the shelter or in foster homes where they receive proper treatment or palliative care. Animal Foster Care cat shelter is always at full capacity and always in desperate need of funds to care for the cats.


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Or you can reach us by phone for more information: 509-422-3364

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These are some of the items we need on a regular basis:

  • Purina kitten chow and cat chow

  • Canned cat food

  • Cash donations for supplies and veterinary bills